A4 size

A4 paper size (width × height)

210 mm × 297 mm

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Introduction of a4 paper

The A4 paper we normally use is the standard paper size used worldwide (A4 paper is defined by ISO 216, which defines three groups of paper sizes, A, B and C. Group C paper sizes are mainly used for envelopes), except in North American countries.

The standard size in the USA, Canada and Mexico is 8.5in x 11in (approximately 21.5 cm x 27.9 cm), commonly referred to as the "letter" size. A4 paper is slightly longer, at around 8.27in x 11.75in (21cm x 29.7cm).

In different eras, there were also local paper sizes that were common across the globe. In books, cards, envelopes and everyday writing paper, the use of a uniform paper size made life much easier.

A4 paper weight

According to the thickness of the paper to divide, such as 60 grams, 70 grams, 75 grams, 85 grams, 120 grams, etc. refers to the weight of the paper in the unit area of the weight of the paper, because the density of the paper is basically the same, in the unit area of the thickness of the paper on the thicker, the heavier the weight of the paper. For office use, about 70g, 80g is slightly thicker and feels better, but is more expensive and not necessary for non-professional printing.

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